Have you ever tried to set precise products alerts when you were looking for jeans, for a rental or a job ?
How come that there is always lots of sorting to do when you get an alert or a notification ? Why can’t you just set filters right ?
In my experience, 9 in 10 alerts get immediately deleted.

Example: looking for an apartment

For exemple, I am looking for an apartment in beautiful city of Aix-en-provence, south of France.I know what area I want to live in: south of city center, but less than 500 yards away from the main boulevard. I set all my filters: number of bedrooms, elevator, at least first floor, etc. However, I cannot tell precisely the location, so I get alerts for apartments in the north of the city…

example of numerous filters
example of numerous filters found on web site seloger.com…

Example: looking for a T-shirt

Same thing with my favorite brand of clothes: I love everything they do, and I need new T-shirts. My favorite brand is somewhat expensive (surprise, surprise…), so I always wait for sales. I try to buy only when prices drop 50% at least. Why can’t I set an alert on that particular T-shirt, so I get notified when the price is half, and not if the price drops 20% only or the whole line of clothes goes on sale 50% ?

An explanation of why products alerts are mostly useless

Here we go: the reason why we get all these junk products alerts, is that we cannot set enough filters, or we cannot set them precisely enough.

If you think about it, for an apartment, many filters are required: Is it spacious ? is there a garage ? Is it close to public transportation ? Does it have enough bedrooms ? Is the price within my budget ?…Some web sites try their best with a whole bunch of filters but it never seems to be enough.
As for clothes or other retail products, not as many filters seem to be needed, but when you start listing them, the list can get quite long : size, color, price, brand, shape, fabric…However, since it is quite easy to get a good impression from one or two pictures of a piece of clothes, if you see it on a web site, not that many filters are important from there on. Mostly the price. May be the color or the size too. Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to set a product alert so you get notified when the price is right for you ? Or when the color is back in stock.
How come most websites do not allow this ?

May be they didn’t yet come across Optim’Match solutions…