Since the birth of online stores, the web has expanded tremendously. However, the online customer experience still has fundamental limitations. Among them are the limited filtering options that cannot manage efficiently the amount of information, therefore site search remains a major issue. Many more products are available online nowadays, but site search hasn’t been able to scale up and adapt !

Baymard Institute surveyed top 50 US e-commerce websites and showed that they mainly offer poor filtering experience.  Many top brands have low ratings when it comes to available filters or applying them. That means that the choice of filters is poor, and that trying to apply them doesn’t really work.

Users are left with their inability to find what they are looking for. What they are looking for (the offer or supply) is probably available but they cannot find it. In result to the time needed for research, many offers remain unmatched.

Who didn’t get tired of spending frustrating amount of time looking for …a house, a job, a pair of shoes, etc. ? Businesses miss sale opportunities because of this and make customers unhappy.

What can we do ?

It is not a small issue. At Optim’Match, we have built a system that greatly improves site search. It is scalable, flexible, fast, able to get input from customers, and most of all, with a highly relevant matching engine.

That’s what we built, that’s what we have. And guess what…now you can have it too !